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From someone who walks the walk.

Once upon a time, I couldn't even make eye contact with strangers. Now I talk to powerful people for a living. Here's me with: DJ Khaled, French Montana, Tim Ferriss, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Jocko Willink, Joe Gebbia (co-founder of Airbnb), and Rick Ross.

In this photo, I'm talking to Floyd Mayweather on-camera in front of his 40+ person entourage.


So you know I'm not full of you-know-what.

"This was the second time I've seen the ad but the first time I've actually read it. Really glad you are offering this resource for people struggling."
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"I'm glad there are more resources like this for social anxiety because it is truly debilitating and will hold you back from your full potential."
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"Thank you for these amazing tips. I'm already starting to feel amazing. Thank you again."
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Hi, I'm Brian.

I used to have social anxiety. Girls used to call me "tomato mode" because I'd turn red like one if they said hello. School was hell. I was bullied. I didn't have many friends. I could go on.

Now I talk to powerful people for a living. I’ve interviewed rocket scientists, rap superstars, billionaires, political leaders, bestselling authors and others. Big role reversal.

These are busy, smart, powerful people––people I never met a day in my life––who I had to make comfortable enough to open up and talk to me. Not the job you'd give the "shy" kid, that's for sure.

Getting better at conversation changed my life. My friendships. My relationship. My earning potential. Everything. It can do the same for you, and it starts with the fundamentals I share in my guide.


My A's to your Q's

How much does it cost?

It cost me a lot of money to research and verify the information in my guide. But there is no cost to you. My goal is to help you improve your social skills. And giving away the information seems to be the best way, so here we are.

What's the catch?

I know information on the internet often comes with a string attached, but my goal isn't to make a profit here. It's to help. But if you want to support me, you can download and review my podcast. I'll email you when it goes live. It's coming soon.

Did you have social anxiety?

Yes. The abridged version is: girls used to call me "tomato mode" because I'd turn red like one if they said hello to me. I was bullied. I wasn't assertive, so I was passed up on a lot of opportunities I was qualified for otherwise. It sucked.

Why should I listen to your advice?

Since I overcame social anxiety, I've pushed the limits of what's possible socially, doing things I never would've done before, like 1-on-1 interviews with powerful people–billionaires, intellectuals, rap stars, athletes and others.

What's on your checklist?

I wanted to cover the most important topics without making it too drawn out. So I focused on the broad strokes: preparation, initiation, engagement, rapport and follow-up.

How will I get it? And what's next?

Once you provide your email I'll send you the guide as a PDF. Read it and give me your feedback. I have a social anxiety and social skills podcast that I'll email you about. That's it.